Additional Services

Additional Services

Supermarket Savvy Food Shopping Tours

An aisle-by-aisle guided tour to selecting the tastiest and healthiest foods and beverages in the supermarket. Shopping tips to help you understand the latest nutrition label lingo, nutrition claims and the top superfoods.

Kitchen Nutrition Make-Over

This fun and interactive session provides a unique opportunity to re-arrange your home eating environment to support your nutrition and wellness goals. You will receive guidance on how to organize your kitchen, stock a healthy pantry and fridge, and plan healthy, quick and satisfying meals for you and your family.

Nutrition and Wellness Seminars

The most productive employees are the healthiest employees. Targeting obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer prevention through worksite wellness programs can result in improved employee health, reduced absenteeism, and increased productivity.

Culinary Consulting

Culinary Concept, Menu and Recipe Development for food service venues, including restaurants, cafeterias & food markets.

Nutrition Analysis

Nutrition Labeling and Nutrition Facts Analysis for Restaurant Menus & Food Products, including Product Labeling Law Compliance.