Thanks again for being my cheerleader and coach and for being able to accommodate me ever so quickly for our first time meeting. You are terrific and a very special lady. Thanks for sharing your talent, smile and focusing these on me. You certainly are very successful and keep me looking forward to seeing you each week. Has been over 4 months and have lost over 30 pounds! I feel like I am visiting a friend and not just a professional. Glad you adopted me as one of your weekly visitors. S.S.

You are an Angel. So many thanks. I so truly appreciate your taking the time to speak with my mom. She loves you and will take your good advice! J.K.

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting with you last night. Thank you for your time, information and encouraging way. I am very much looking forward to working together. A.D.

I greatly appreciate your sprinkling your magic pixie dust on me. Your manner, sparkle, twinkle, enthusiastic encouragement, understanding, compassion and humor are just the mix I need to continue my quest for a healthier and condensed me. In all sincerity, thank you for being you. You have certainly found your calling. I am on the right path—focused and doing what I need to do for me! Writing down every morsel and drop of liquids, drinking 8 glasses plus, and even got on the elliptical machine for a bit today. My head is screwed on tighter and my mind is where it needs to be- playing and winning the losing game. S.S.

So much appreciate meeting with you. Started your superb food suggestions and increased my exercise time too. I’m feeling so much better already. Ever grateful, R.R.

I have to say June, I have been to 3 nutritionists in my life, but I felt different with meeting you. Somehow you gave me peace-of-mind. Thank you! C.B.

I really appreciate the time you gave me and I feel so much better already. I knew I needed direction and guidance. I was hoping surgery would be the answer to my “eating issues.” As I’ve learned, it never goes away. With your help, I feel I can get back on track. I was telling my daughter that I finally found a nutritionist that I can relate to. Thank you again. J.V.

Excellent presentation! I expected nothing less! You’re terrific! Thank you so much for the treat! A.D.

I want to thank you for the consultation yesterday. I walked away feeling very inspired and much more educated. D.J.

June, you’re terrific and that’s an understatement! Your advice, suggestions and guidance are invaluable. I’m truly impressed with your nutrition skills and knowledge. Our meeting was so much fun and very interesting. Ate my first bowl of oatmeal this morning, not so bad! I’ll never look at a chickpea the same way! Many thanks. N.K.

Thank you, June, for sharing your thoughts with me. I am grateful for your support. I seem to be engaged in twin parallel universes of work and diet — ready to give up in both worlds, but grateful for those offering me unflagging support. M.R.

I just wanted to thank you for always encouraging me and working with me to get healthier. I am losing weight and I am now able to fit into a size 10 jeans!!! Thank you so much! L.P.

I showed some of my friends your book and they were very impressed with your education and experience. I explained that you were one of the best nutritionists I’ve ever known, because even with your level of education and experience, you are down-to-earth and really care for people. My friends and family know how much you are helping me, so there are people that you don’t even know who appreciate and respect you. LK

So good to see you today. You always make me feel good about myself. So yeah to both of us! Twenty five pounds is nothing to sneer at! L.K.

Everything is going great. Thank you for helping and guiding me. You have showed me many different ways I can keep my sugar level within normal range, as well as my weight. D.D.

As always, do enjoy our sessions and time together. As I lose weight, you continue to help me keep centered on the path of my journey while offering insight. Knowledge is powerful and you do impart those tidbits of info which I find very helpful. S.S.

Thanks so much for ALL your help, encouragement and direction. Will keep on the path you helped me to set and hopefully I will reach the weight best for my height. R.L.

Just wanted to report on my progress (THANKS TO YOU!) as of this morning the scale read 196.4 LBS!!! And best of all I am NOT hungry or feeling deprived! R.L.

Thanks for sharing your insight and knowledge today. I have been asked by a number of people as to what diet I am on and tell them, I am NOT on a diet. I’m just making healthier choices, learning and living thanks to you. Your personal approach and interest in your clients shows you care and truly want to help. I truly believe you will do whatever is necessary for each person who walks through your doors to become successful in their quest. As Kramer has said on Seinfeld, “I’m loving every minute of it”. Thanks for helping me through this process of lifelong healthier me. S.S.

I was telling my husband how satisfied I was with your advice and he wants to have a session with you. He is also diabetic like me, and needs to learn how to take care of himself when it comes to food. K.B.

Glad I found you to refer our patients to. Our patients love you and you are very accommodating. Thank you for all you do. Y.C.

June, You are a role model for all who enter your doors. You live and breathe what you emulate. AND you have a way of inspiring others. Those who are truly gifted most times are not aware of the impact they make on the lives of others. Yes June- you are an educator. The greatest gift one can give to an educator is the gift of sharing how much of a difference they are making in our lives. I can honestly tell you that I do have a bounce in my step and I can truly feel the difference as walk and move. Thank you for being you. S.S.

Hi June, It was lovely catching up with you yesterday. I knew I should have visited you earlier. You are your usual charming self. I am soooo happy with my new diet plan, It is the best and gives me so much to eat. Best always, Y.M.

Good Morning June, I believe that I am doing well and took off another 5 lbs. I have learned a lot and appreciate all the help. If I fall, you’ll be the first to know; and when I get down to 220 lbs you will be the first to know! Thank you. M.A.

Hi June, I just wanted to send you a quick email with an update and also to send you a personal thanks for your help with my food and eating plan. So far I’ve lost about 45 pounds; I’m about halfway to my goal and I feel great. The information and tools you gave me have worked tremendously in achieving my weight loss and for that I’m very grateful. No surgery for me.! Eating right and lots of exercise. Thanks again. A.S.

My blood sugar was down from over 180 to under 100, so you have helped me a lot already. Thank you. B.H.

Wanted to keep you up to date with my progress….now weigh 187.2 lbs! My original starting weight was 224 pounds. R.L.

June, do appreciate your time and patience today as you introduced me to your bible of lifelong healthy eating. I’m already on my way, by having my first afternoon snack. My mind is in the right place and with your guidance, we will make a great team. Not looking to be your poster child, but certainly thrilled to help you in adding to your success rate. AND you do have a great and encouraging sparkle and twinkle. DO like that!!!! S.S.

June thank u for getting back to me. u made my night. wow 2 more Pounds for a total of 11!!! Thank u. I couldn’t do this without u. thank u again! D.B.

Hello June, Well my surgery went great and I am 5 days into my recovery. I just wanted to thank you for all your help and kindness. I will see you soon. J.S.

Hi June-I enjoyed our session yesterday and was quite motivated to begin with the changes. Thank you for your upbeat, realistic, helpful approach. This morning I sat down and carefully read through all the information, made my shopping list and had fun buying the different flavored Greek yogurts, frozen vegetables, packaged almonds, etc. I believe I can be committed to this. V.A.

I think I’ve really gotten control of my diet with your help. I weighed in this morning at 179! I will be going on a 2-week vacation, and if I survive that, I really will have put my weight problem behind me. If not, you will be hearing from me. Thanks for all your help. P.D.

Just wanted to give you a quick update again. I officially hit my 70 pound mark yesterday. Still working out hard, eating right and feeling great. I can’t believe that at 51 years of age, I’m wearing my first pair of slim fit jeans. Talk to you soon. Thanks again! A.S.

Thank you June! I do know this getting healthier stuff takes time, and so far my rewards are:
being more knowledgeable and able to apply that newfound knowledge to life * fewer diabetic medications and reduction in dosages of other meds * living life and choosing to listen to myself when it comes to making thoughtful choices * meeting an incredible person who dances about in my brain and cheering when I make the intelligent decision on my own while also humoring my inner child * respecting my inquisitive mind no matter what the question * your being my cheerleader and biggest supporter no matter what * helping me lose 50 pounds (equivalent to the weight of a suitcase) * your providing my inner child with all the little things that make my heart sing- stickers, note pads, calendar, and the magazine subscription, your book, recipes, and information helping to feed my intellect * your sharing your expertise, smiles, sparkle, twinkle and keeping an endless supply of magic pixie dust.
The wonderful thing about smiles is you cannot give them away because they always come right back to you. S.S.

Good morning June, It’s a beautiful day! You got me back on track and that is what I needed. I will keep you posted on how I am doing – and this time I’m not giving up. I was reading all the testimonials on your website and they are all so true – you are a very easy person to talk to and you always have a smile. Thank you again. M.S.

Thank you so much for all you’re doing for my daughter, as she came home from your last appointment very happy and very motivated, which was awesome! Thank you. D.H.

Hey June, I just wanted to send you a quick email with an update and also to send you a personal thanks for your help with my food and eating plan. So far I’ve lost about 45 pounds, I’m about halfway to my goal and I feel great. The information and tools you gave me have worked tremendously in achieving my weight loss and for that I’m very grateful. No surgery for me. Eating right and lots of exercising. I will stay in touch. Thanks again. A.S.

I believe that I am doing well and took off another 50 pounds. I have learned a lot and appreciate all the help. When I get down to 220 pounds, you will be the first to know! Thank you so much. M.A.

Hi June, it was lovely catching up with you yesterday. I knew I should have visited you earlier. You are your usual charming self. I am soooo happy with my new diet plan. It is the best and gives me so much to eat. Best always, YM

Hi June, I had such a hardworking day yesterday with my disabled son; I maintained my diet right through the day and had 5 meals and yet, lo and behold, the sugar was a low 102 in the evening. I was thrilled. Thank you so much, once again. Blessings, Y.M.

Have to tell you that i made it to one week without falling into my eating pitfalls (eating without thinking, eating after dinner when I’m not hungry and the dreaded…walking to the bedroom and eating something on the way). I feel pretty good physically and mentally! M.R.

Hi June, Thank you for spending so much time going over everything with me today. I feel hopeful for the first time in a long time. I will see you next week. V.G.

Thank you for your help the other night it was good to refocus; I feel mentally lighter and less concerned. The answer was obvious, but not apparent without the expert guidance. M.T.

Well….We did it! Blood Glucose was down to 85. Three months ago it was 106. My cholesterol was 175 three months ago. Now it is 144. I lost 4 pounds and my bad cholesterol and triglycerides went down 28 points. My doctor said could not believe it. Gave him your name and number. Said in one month he never saw such improvement! A.T.

Dear June, Thank you from the bottom of my pant size! I refer anyone who is interested to ONLY you! Thank you so much for your tremendous motivation, effectiveness, professionalism, and interest. I have successfully lost over 30 pounds in the past year and continue to follow your guidelines and suggestions for the FODMAP/Weight Loss Nutrition Plan you personalized for me. The wedding was this past weekend! It was so very Amazing! I am still on a HIGH in feeling and low in weight. I received so many compliments from “I look like the “sister” of the Bride rather than the MOB to ” gorgeous stunning young amazing etc etc! Thank you so very much!! Best, R.H.

Hi, I went to Macy’s last night… Bought two pair of Calvin Klein jeans… Size 10, down from a 14. Thanks to you! Oh and I weighed myself this am and I was down to 168.5. Had to let you know. Best, K.F.