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Added Sugar? No Thank You!

What is the difference between natural sugar and added sugar? Natural sugar refers to two types of sugar: the type found in milk, called lactose, and the type found in fruits and vegetables, called fructose. These sugars are found naturally within these types of food and do not have to be added.   Added sugars […]

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Where does the fat go when you lose weight?

  What is fat?   Fats are one of the nutrients that we need to consume in order to survive. Fats have a variety of beneficial functions in our bodies, such as providing us with energy, helping with the absorption of certain vitamins, and helping to protect our organs. If we eat excess fat, it […]

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The Benefits of Walking…and Tracking your Progress!

We are constantly bombarded with information regarding the benefits of exercising and increasing our activity levels. Despite this fact however, most of us still do not get the recommended amount of exercise.   One simple way that you increase your activity level is to begin walking more. It is a form of exercise that is […]

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Protein Bars: What to look for?

Many of us live hectic lives and do not always have time to sit down and enjoy a solid meal. In these situations, we look for something quick and convenient to hold us over until our next meal.  Some of the most popular items in these situations are protein bars. They are advertised as healthy […]

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Artificial Sweeteners: Not so sweet?!?

Artificial sweeteners, also referred to as non-nutritive sweeteners, are zero or low-calorie alternatives to nutritive sweeteners, like table sugar. Our bodies cannot completely absorb these sweeteners, so they provide fewer calories per gram than table sugar. Additionally, these sweeteners are much sweeter than sugar, so only small amounts are needed. Artificial sweeteners are widely used […]

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Delicious and Nutritious Snack Ideas for a Healthy Summer!

When the intense summer heat beckons us to cool off, we often turn to familiar sweet treats, such as ice cream, to satisfy a craving. Summer’s bounty provides us with plenty of healthy and delicious options that we can transform into nutritious treats. Here are a few nutritious tips on how to make healthier snack […]

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Time to Think About Healthy Habits for the Summer!

The warm weather, abundant sunshine and weekly trips to the farmer’s market all point to the arrival of one thing- summer! Often associated with fun outdoor family events and weekends at the beach, Summer is also an excellent time for us to reevaluate our lifestyle and incorporate some healthy habits into our daily routine so […]

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Setting Healthy, Attainable Nutrition Goals for the New Year

Now that we’re a few days into the near year, it’s resolution time again. For many people eating more healthfully and losing weight is on top of their list. Following are some suggestions for setting healthy, attainable nutrition goals for the New Year: Start by assessing your current food choices and lifestyle. Keep track of […]

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